IEEE Electron Devices Society has de vision of promoting excellence in the field of electron devices for the benefit of humanity.

The field of interest for EDS includes all electron and ion based devices, in their classical or quantum states, using environments and materials in their lowest to highest conducting phase, in simple or engineered assembly, interacting with and delivering photo-electronic, electro-magnetic, electromechanical, electro-thermal, and bio-electronic signals. The Society sponsors and reports on education, research, development and manufacturing aspects and is involved in science, theory, engineering, experimentation, simulation, modeling, design, fabrication, interconnection, reliability of such devices and their applications.

Topics of interest (but not limited):

The event includes research, development and applications in the field of Electron Devices. It covers all aspects of the theory, practice and application of electron devices across science and engineering. Authors are invited to submit their papers. The papers should be written in English. Topics of interest are included, but are not limited to:

- Circuit and Device Interaction (CDI)
- Optoelectronics, Displays, and Imagers (ODI)
- Power Devices (PD)
- Modeling and Simulation (MS)
- Sensors MEMS, and BIOMEMS (SMB)
- Compound Semiconductor and High Speed Devices (CHS)
- Analog & Mixed-Signal
- Wireless Circuits
- Electrical characterization, performance and reliability of MOS-based devices
- Interfaces and surfaces in biotechnology such as bio-sensing
- Fundamentals and New Concepts for Future Technologies
- Power Electronics and Grid Integration
- Solar Resource for PV and Forecasting
- Optical, wireless, and carbon-based interconnects
- Materials and Unit Processes (Dielectrics, Metals, barriers, Wet, CMP, PVD,CVD, selective deposition)


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